We are Ort 4 Art. We want to empower women thru the arts by taking action. We believe that art speaks the language of the heart and we want to provide a space for this language through an interactive transmission and transformation of the arts.


For more information, please contact our founder Jennifer Ruesch directly at
+41 76 336 98 31 or write us at jennifer.ruesch@ort4art.org

Water Women and the Arts


Our constant project that combines awareness about water scarcity, by triggering an association through outlining the visual memory of creating crafts related to the topic of women and water, which has the power to establish some of the key aspects of remembrance through performance, through the knowledge retained from subjective individual experiences. To achieve this feat of association through outlining the visual memory, a video art installation, as well as handmade installation using ceramics would be put together. Through subconscious artistic expression, we wish to engage people into new conversations, about effects and affects of mentality towards women and water.

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